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Our Therapists

Our practice prides itself in seeking a diverse group of therapists to provide clients the best possible experience. Our goal is to evaluate each client’s unique needs and match the individual with a therapist whose background and expertise can compliment these.


Amber Johnson, M.S., LMSW

Amber is a licensed master level social worker with a desire to help those struggling with anxiety, depression, OCD, family conflict, parenting, postpartum, school issues and self-esteem. Amber specializes in helping children, adolescents, new moms, and those who are looking to increase confidence levels and find their assertive selves.


As a young person, Amber found herself to be the one friends and family choose to confide in and seek assurance from. Ambers experiences range from working on the Pediatric Psychiatric unit of Johns Hopkins Hospital to being a stay at home mom for five years. So whether you are a new or seasoned parent, Amber can relate.


Amber’s approach to clinical work is gentle, humorous when appropriate, and she isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions when necessary. She uses play therapy, narrative therapy, solution focused, and interpersonal therapy. One of her main goals is to help her clients tune in to themselves and empower them to do important self work. If you’re looking to make strides in life, Amber can help. 

Amber works with teens and adults and is available for both in person and telehealth appointments. 


Warren Herman, M.S., LGPC

Making sense of the mind has been a central interest for Warren over many years. His journey of growth and healing has led him through different phases, yielding his Master’s degree, and his work in a community mental health center. He has worked with adults and children in different capacities across the lifespan, providing support to families as an activities professional in a nursing home, completing training in school counseling and doing volunteer work with children.


Warrens warm sense of humor and empathy allow clients to feel at ease and quickly build trust. His multifaceted approach to counseling helps clients build a full range of coping skills while exploring the different motives that drive their actions. He favors an approach that balances deep listening with practical learning, allowing time to practice skills in and out of session. Furthermore, he can help interested clients to integrate their faith into treatment, and can use creative and artistic interventions to support healing.


Outside of a clinical role, Warren’s interests include faith-based activities, playing flutes from around the world, taking photographs, enjoying nature, writing, speaking, and creating art.

Warren works with children, teens and adults and is available for both in-person and virtual telehealth appointments.


Laura A. Smith, M.S., LGPC

Laura comes to our practice from a variety of settings. She received her bachelor’s degree from York College. Her career then began in education as a teacher where she discovered her passion for helping people.  She worked with all ages while employed in the school system, and was involved in a number of community programs. Laura then went on to receive her master’s degree in School Counseling from McDaniel College, and later completed all requirements to be a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor. Outside of the clinical world Laura can be found with her family, traveling, hiking, reading, or doing yoga. 


Laura employs a number of therapeutic styles to assist her clients in learning strategies and skills that can help them in their daily lives. Her focus is specific to each client and includes cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, mindfulness techniques, and play therapy. 


Laura works with children, teens and adults and is available for both in-person and virtual telehealth appointments.


Kristen Chestnutt, Graduate Counseling Intern

Kristen is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at McDaniel College and is expected to graduate in October 2024. 

Kristen is drawn to humanistic, person-centered therapy but believes in using an eclectic, integrative approach that is tailored to each client’s unique needs and wellness goals. Kristen provides an empathic, therapeutic experience where clients can come as they are, find genuine support, and leave prepared with the tools to face future challenges head on. 

A former military spouse, Kristen spent a decade as a stay-at-home mother of three before returning to school to pursue her passion of helping others. She uses her clinical knowledge and personal experiences to help clients foster self-awareness and gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. She can also help interested clients incorporate their faith into their counseling experience. 

Outside of the office, she can most often be found watching her children play sports, reading historical fiction, and attempting to master new allergy-friendly recipes in the kitchen. 

Kristen works with children, teens and adults and is available for in-person or telehealth appointments.


Ashley Grim, LGPC, CPT

Ashley comes to the practice from an array of helping professions, primarily, as a personal trainer and strength coach. Ashley uses her understanding of wellness to approach therapy holistically with an emphasis on how our mental health impacts our bodies and vice versa. A Maryland native, Ashley received her master’s degree from Ohio University and has worked in the realms of mental health and fitness in numerous states. She is a certified personal trainer amongst holding other fitness related certifications.

In addition to health and fitness, Ashley has experience working in both the community mental health and school settings as a therapist in Pennsylvania, treating clients varying in ages from 5 to 65 years old. Although each client’s treatment is unique, the common thread that weaves through Ashley’s counseling approach is treating the whole person. Primarily operating from a humanistic framework, some of the therapeutic modalities Ashley uses with clients includes trauma informed cognitive behavior therapy, solution focused therapy, and mindfulness based practices. Ashley has experience treating anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and addiction disorders.


When not counseling others or at the gym, Ashley enjoys horseback riding, hiking, making art, and spending time with her kitten, Juniper.Ashley works with children, teens ann available for both in-person and virtual telehealth appointments.


Ashton Burnham MSW, LMSW

Ashton entered this field with a desire to help others. She values the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and her style focuses on strengthening the trust and bond between therapist and client. She believes that therapy is a collaborative process, working to empower her clients and build upon their own unique strengths. Through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, and Play Therapy, Ashton guides clients to increase self-awareness and gain new perspectives in their lives. Ashton is skilled in treating those suffering from anxiety, depression, school related issues, ODD, adjustment disorders as well as family issues/conflict.


Ashton works with children, teens, young adults and families. 


Priya Hellstrom, M.S., LCSW-C

Priya is a licensed clinical social worker and holds two master level degrees in Social Work and in Human Services. She has an elementary ed teaching background and specializes in assisting clients through a strength-based and humanistic approach.  Her therapeutic techniques include motivational interviewing, CBT, DBT, and Mindfulness. With a focus on trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, health anxiety, ADHD, substance use/addiction, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, she brings extensive experience to the counseling practice.  Additionally, Priya is well-versed in couples counseling and aiding individuals with dual diagnoses.  Dedicated to enhancing mental health and making a positive impact, she is committed to guiding individuals and couples to improved well-being. 

Priya is also pursuing certification in sound bath therapy, which aids in meditation practices and helps to alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms, as well. Outside of counseling, Priya enjoys spending time with her husband and two teenage children, attending concerts, and playing with her four dogs and two cats. 

Priya works with children, adults and couples. She is available for in person or telehealth appointments. 

Tammy F pic (1).jpeg

Tamyra Folkerts, Graduate Counseling Intern 

Tammy is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at McDaniel College and is expected to graduate December 2024.  


Tammy uses a person-centered and strengths-based approach in her work. She approaches therapy from a trauma informed and relational focus. Tammy believes that goals should always include wellness and balance.  Tammy has prior intern experience and has worked in the social work field for nine years helping families in crisis. These opportunities have allowed her to see the great need for counseling with children and their families. Tammy is a Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Caregiver trained and has been using TBRI for over ten years.  She also works with those who would like to incorporate their faith into therapy. 

Tammy is married with three children, one of whom is adopted and three grandchildren, (which she refers to as ‘Grands”). Tammy has been working with mental illness and developmental disabilities within her home for over eight years so she can empathize with others going through similar issues. Outside of school and work, she loves spending time with family, friends, and her Portuguese Water Dog. She enjoys the outdoors, long walks, biking, sailing, and cooking.  


Tammy works with children, teens, adults, and families. She is available for in person or telehealth appointments.  

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