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Walk and Talk Therapy 

Walk-and-talk therapy is a mindfulness-based body-oriented therapy that takes sessions outdoors, occurring at a nearby park, trail or public setting. 

Man walking in Nature


This alternative approach uses the benefits of fresh air and exercise into the therapy sessions. It can make it easier for clients to relax, stop ruminating, release physical tension, breathe deep and receive mind-body insight while processing experiences in a different way. Walking side by side rather than sitting face to face enables some clients to feel more comfortable when sharing in the therapy process. 

Walk-and-talk therapy requires an initial intake counseling session conducted in office or via telehealth session.

Who it Helps

Walk-and-talk therapy can benefit everyone. It can be particularly useful in helping those who may prefer to move or walk as opposed to sitting in an office. Some clients are more at ease in nature, improving their ability to open up and be communicative.

How it Works

Participating in this modality can reverse stress-induced brain damage by stimulating the production of neurohormones that improve cognition, mood and improve thinking clouded by stressful events. Exercise also forces the body’s central and sympathetic nervous systems to communicate with one another, improving the overall ability to respond to stress.

What's in It for You

Walk-and-talk therapy offers an opportunity to reduce stress, relieve body tension, improve circulation, breathe deep and clear the body-mind of intrusive, negative and ruminative thoughts and sensations. The endorphins that exercise produces can elevate mood and enhance client’s ability to navigate difficult issues leaving one with decreased anxiety while verbally processing your authentic truth.

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