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Mindful Coaching

The Path To Peace style of coaching is one that focuses one empowering people to not just reach their potential but to exceed it. We focus on connecting your mind, body, and spirit so that you can find the potential within yourself to excel at work, with your relationships, and in all aspects of life.

Therapy Session

What is Coaching?

When you think of a coach you probably think of your favorite sport first, and just like a sports coach who trains athletes to be their best, a life coach is there to help you be your best self.

Some of the most successful business people, leaders, and professionals have been using coaches for years and the reason why is simple. Because Mindful Coaching helps you find ways to connect your mind, body, and spirit so that you can reach your fullest potential. At times, we slow-down enough to feel that there is a void in our personal, professional, or spiritual life, yet we do not know how to fill the void.


We try to fill this void by doing more or feeling unempowered or stuck in our life. Coaching allows you the space and time to explore what is missing and identify ways to fill the void intentionally, meaningfully, and in-line with your best self.

Who it Helps

Anyone can benefit from coaching. Coaching may be right for you if you feel you need to grow in your life or career. You may also benefit from coaching if you are working toward bigger goals for yourself but feel you haven't found the balance needed to achieve your goals.

How it Works

We work together as therapist/coach and client to uncover your vision and define what drives you. Assessing your current position helps you and your coach measure your progress and identify current and potential obstacles.

What's in It for You

You can achieve your goals, grow as a person, obtain work/life balance, learn to communicate more efficiently, improve relationships, get promoted, your possibilities are endless and completely defined and determined by you!

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